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Sonidos usados de en la instancia 1/Sons usats de en l'instancia 1


            Freesound - “Hevoset vauhkona, hevosjoukko / Horses going wild, skittish, neighing and snorting, hooves, mix” by YleArkisto        

            Freesound - “Hevoset laukkaavat ohi, hevosjoukko / Horses galloping, passing by in the forest, single horses and groups,                        mix” by YleArkisto

            Freesound - “Hevonen ohi, kaviot / Horse passing by galloping on asphalt, hooves clattering” by YleArkisto


            Freesound - “Hevonen hirnuu / Horse neighing on the pasture” by YleArkisto


            Freesound - “Hevonen hörähtelee / Horse guffaws, a close sound” by YleArkisto




            Freesound - “1202_goat.wav” by reinsamba


            Freesound - “Goat 1 ©.wav” by confusion_music


            Freesound - “Nacimiento en el establo :: Birth in the stable” by aldeainvisible


            Freesound - “Baby Goat Bleating” by OBXJohn


            Freesound - “Bleating goats” by seenms




            Freesound - “Porsas kiljuu sikalassa / A piglet squealling loudly in the piggery” by YleArkisto


            Freesound - “flag Porsas röhkii ja kiljuu / A piglet oinking and squealling in the pen


            Freesound - “pigs inside the pigsty.wav” by DanGasior


            Freesound - “Pigs grunting // Siat röhkivät” by YleArkisto


            Freesound - “Pigs exited about prospect of food 03/11/2019” by PianoFarm




            Freesound - “20110804_cow.bells.12.flac” by dobroide


            Freesound - “Cowbells & Cows” by Suncord_Audiolab


            Freesound - “Cows with cowbell_2.wav” by emilijoan






            Freesound - “Cow.wav” by Benboncan


            Freesound - “Herd Of Cows Mooing” by tdes


            Freesound - “Lehmät ammuvat laitumella / Cows grazing and mooing in the field” by YleArkisto


            Freesound - “Vasikat ammuvat / Two calves on the pasture, now and then mooing” by YleArkisto


            Freesound - “Lehmät ammuvat / Cows mooing in a small barn before milking” by YleArkisto




            Freesound - “chicken-01.flac” by Erdie


            Freesound - “20110503_clucking.00.wav” by dobroide


            Freesound - “20110503_clucking.01.wav” by dobroide


            Freesound - “chickens.wav” by foxen10


   -              “clucking_chicken.wav” by pillonoise


            Freesound - “excited chickens” by Setuniman


            Freesound - “chicken on farm” by Tuig


            Freesound - “chicken shed 7 files stiched.wav” by DC2014


            Freesound - “Pieni kanala / Small henhouse, hens cackling” by YleArkisto




            Freesound - “Flock of sheep” by caquet




            Freesound - “20070407.lambs.bleating.WAV” by dobroide


            Freesound - “20081230.bleating.01.flac” by dobroide


            Freesound - “Sheeheep.wav” by HerbertBoland


            Freesound - “Lampaat määkivät, katras / A flock of sheep bleating on the pasture “ by YleArkisto


            Freesound - “20190301.sheepfold.wav” by dobroide



            Freesound - “lambs and sheep in the stable.WAV” by extrafonia2




            Freesound - “20070407.slaughter.06.wav” by dobroide


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