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Polyhedral artist. Musician (graduate in composition), actor, performer, director, creative process coach and communicator.


Zelis Niegaard (Director Gadeteater Festival, DK):

Very talented, charming and wise actor, who can easily reach a huge number of public and activate them to join their rhythm. A valuable ability for a street artist, since he is good at using his ego for a great stage charisma and empathy for a strong public connection. 


Performance Theatre

Performance Theatre

Result of the artistic residence at Sala Melmac - Bcn Dec 2019.

50% is a project (body/word/sound and video), where the concept of time/space was explored and researched both from personal experience and a poetic interpretation of formal physics theories, using this process of investigation and self-reflection with the intention of creating a performance piece.


The process lasted 6 weeks and the result was a 50 minute performance.

Check the trailer out.

Dirección "Play!" -

Dirección "Play!" -

Play! is the second work that I directed, and in this case also co-created, with the very creative ensemble.

Play! is an invitation into a permanent state of play, where the characters are presented to us in an everyday context, but their actions are influenced by absurdity and uncommon patterns.

gira ADMB 2019

ADMB Tour 2019

The "Street is Ours" 2019 aftermovie from the multi-award winning show of the Always Drinking Marching Band.

During 2019, we toured Russia, Poland, Canada, Ireland, Portugal, France and all over Spain.

How I got here

It is impossible to summarize all my experience of the last 30 years.

           Below are perhaps some of the more relevant highlights.

Music and sound art

I have a degree in musical composition, specialized in electroacoustic media (U.N.Q. Bs.As. Argentina).

As a musician I usually use the name Fernando Jobke.

You can listen to some of my works here:

Some works and awards

- Fernando Jobke wins the

SGAE Electroacoustic Award


- Original music from the play Broer and Zus - Handtheater / Amsterdam


- Original music of the audiobook "Man's search for meaning" by V. Frankl, editorial Herder


Románticos empedernidos
2004 -2010

In Barcelona I began studying the art of clown and improvisation with Jango Edwards, Johnny Melville and Ph. Gaulier among others.

At the same time I founded, together with Joaquín Daniel, "Los Románticos empedernidos"

These were 5 successful and intense years of theatre, radio and TV.

Revista BK oct 07
el mundo 2
El Periodico 27-04-08
guia del ocio 2-05-08
Automatarium   2012 - 2017

Theatrical installation inspired by the Automatas from the end of 19th century, a production by David Berga.

We have performed in Sao Paulo, Catalonia, Spain and Europe.

The Junguis 2013 -2017

I was co-founder of this theatrical improvisation group with which I performed mostly in Barcelona.

Humortal 2012 -2015

I was a substitute in this quartet fulfilling the roles of counter-august and white face, a great experience that led me to act in India.

Always drinking marching Band 2010 - present

From all of my collective projects, it is with the prestigious Catalan Brass Band that I have worked with the longest and where I still continue. I am the front man of one of its shows (with performances in more than 20 countries - Europe, Asia and America), as well as co-manager of the artistic part of the company. ADMB website

621107_10202516602299313_1965031630_o - copia

Along with my experience in the world of music and theatre, I have studied a postgraduate in coaching at the institute integratiu de Bcn. This background allows me to work with numerous agencies, such as Highfidellitycollective and Comeet, with whom I collaborate in the design of activities and training, performing different tasks in the world of team building. 

Facilitator in team building activities
2007 - present

Director and creative process Coach

I have accompanied and directed creative processes of the following artists and ensembles:

- Always drinking marching Band (stage coaching y creation) -web

​- Sidral Brass Band (stage coaching) -web

​- Ali Ba Brass (stage coaching) -web

​- Saffran (stage coaching) - web

​- Batucada Arritmia (stage coaching) - web

​- Acoustic Guiri explosion (stage coaching)

​- Eva Yufra (Faldas) (direction) -web

​- Joaquín Daniel (Postmodernia) (creative process coaching ) -web

​- Valentino Rossi (La vita è breve) (review) -facebook

​- Living Room (direction)

​- La Mulata (stage coaching) -web

- Batucada Quilombo - stage coaching and group dynamics​​ - facebook

- - Indigesta fama - (direction) - web

- - Play - (direction and co-creation)

Zelis Niegaard (Gadeteater Festival, DK):

Very talented, charming and wise actor, who can easily reach a huge number of public and activate them to join their rhythm. A valuable ability for a street artist, since he is good at using his ego for a great stage charisma and empathy for a strong public connection. 

Joaquín Daniel:

"In the process of assembling a new show and when that typical moment of CRISIS inherent in any process of these characteristics appears, we arranged a session with Mila. In a few working days, I managed to discover a new and revealing perspective on my work thanks to those hours of work with him. "

Ali Ba Brass:

"The work together with Mila has helped us in a short time to improve, to design choreographies and to increase the awareness of being inside the gig, together with a greater connection between the musicians"

Batucada Arritmia:

"The result of the work with Mila: our percussion group became a great show, taking away our fears, filling us with strength and trust, without neglecting those subtle touches of connection with the public."

Waldtraut Schmidt-Shire

"Mila von Chobiak webt aus Schauspiel, Musik, Clownerie und Choreografie seine Kunst der Street Performance. Herausragend ist dabei die Art und Weise, in der das Publikum gleichermaßen liebevoll wie offensiv in das künstlerische Geschehen einbezogen wird. "


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You usually find me somewhere between Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires and Germany.

Contact me on Facebook or Instagram and I will come back to you as soon as possible.


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